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He buried his head into my sweaty chest and made himself comfortable. I had to grip onto the back of couch for dear life. Tanya and Rose had gotten into a big fight and made each of us choose sides, and you could guess who we all chose. I was wearing my black thick framed glasses that made me look like a nerd because I was too lazy to wear my contacts, and my eyes were too dry for them too. He kicked off his shoes, socks, and pulled down his pants along with his boxers until Edward stood in front of me in all his naked glory.

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I mean, sex with Edward was incredible, but I lied to him about my age, and it was a pretty big lie too.

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They all nodded their heads knowingly and said "Hi, it's nice to meet you. My ex-boyfriend, Jacob was never like this. My body winced at the sound of the hurt and anger in his voice. The sex was rough yet passionate and not messy. She may have the advantage with the lust factor, but I knew Emmett would throw a shit fit and will make me change my outfit as soon as he saw me going out to a club wearing this so-called dress, but it looked more like underwear. As a matter of fact, she made sure all three of our coats were open, especially mine. The room was all set up, and we were almost all ready.

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