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A forearm thrown in an uppercutting fashion, often the wrestler does a quick grapple first to bring the spare arm up inside, hitting the opponent under the chin. The wrestler makes a punching motion, but tucks their hand towards the chest so the elbow and forearm make contact. Simply involves breaking a guitar over an opponent's head. Alternatively, the Irish whip is used instead of or repleaced by an arm wrench or a wrist lockor by simply grabbing a hold of one of the opponent's wrists with one the wrestler's hands, pulling it towards themselves and striking with their spare arm or going for a hold or sweep. Murder Dad stabbed in neck during minute street fight was expecting second child David Gavin was expecting family say their lives have been "torn apart" following his death in Rochdale on Friday night. This simple, but powerful-looking move has been used by many famous wrestlers as a finisher, notably including GoldbergEdgeBobby LashleyRoman ReignsBatistaand Charlotte Flair. Popularized by Rikishi.

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This variant's use is commonly associated with The Undertaker and Roman Reigns.

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However, often this will see a larger wrestler displaying superior size and strength by challenging an opponent to attack, standing still slightly to one side and having the opponent charging towards trying to execute a strike, only to get knocked down often several times and see any attempt of the hapless opponent having no effect. The wrestler using a concealed lighter lights a piece of flash paper or a firecracker and throws it at the opponent, giving the impression of a supernatural ball of fire emerging from their hand. This move is a strike that is brought from a high position and travels vertically toward the floor, dropping the point of the elbow directly on the target. While the opponent is falling, the wrestler quickly lifts the left knee up, towards the opponent's face. In modern mainstream wrestling, it is more commonly used by female wrestlers. A variation that sees the attacking wrestler take hold of an opponent and lean them backwards to expose the chest, allowing the attacking wrestler to club the opponent and send them to the mat back-first. A variation has the attacking wrestler standing on the top turnbuckle or springboarding from the top rope to get the required height to execute it.

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vagina kick in women wrestling
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vagina kick in women wrestling
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vagina kick in women wrestling
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