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It did hurt, but feels great afterwards. You leave your underwear on and the therapist adjusts it as necessary to get into all ur nooks and crannies! Maybe they need to re-evaluate the person's technique so this doesn't happen to anyone else. Itchiness after a brazilian wax? Whooo ya not the best idea.

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It should go away after you have it done a few more times.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Brazilian Waxing

You could get a few ingrown hairs but nothing dramatic. Just be sure to go to someone that is recommended to you. The aesthetician said, "Oh I'm so sorry! And you might also want to make sure that you're clean before you go in I would not suggest going to one of those places for anything - not for waxing, or for nails either, because the vast majority of the time the person performing these services is untrained, has little experience, and in many cases, they are unlicensed as well Not all, but in many states, a license is required to perform any type of body waxing. I would go back and have it taken care of. Dont use veet or nair or any of those stinky hair removal creams.

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